Who’s Who

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Who’s Who

The team at HTBarnes are here to help!

David Cooke


Email: office@htbarnes.org

I ‘am part of the leadership team and I can help with:

Leading services. Preaching. Pastoral Support. Alpha. Life Events. Castelnau Centre liaison.

Caroline Dyer

Lead on Operations and Finance

Email: caroline@htbarnes.org

I ‘am part of the leadership team and I can help with:

Safeguarding. Parish Administration. Communication/Website. Health and Safety. Building and Site Maintenance. Giving. Events/Lettings. Schools. Love Christmas. Billing/Finance.

Tom Milner

Worship Pastor

Email: tom@htbarnes.org

I can help with:

Worship. Alpha. Men@. Midweek groups. Pastoral support.

Anna-Maria Mason

Community Outreach Worker

Email: annamaria@htbarnes.org

I can help with:

Foodbank. Community Liaison/Local Initiatives. Open Church. Community Gardening. Mission Partners.

Emily Lane

Children and Families Worker

Email: emily@htbarnes.org

I can help with:

Trinity Kids. Youth. Bubble Church. Children in the Local Community. Schools/Nurseries. Midweek Groups.

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

Proverbs 27:17